Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage?

Sports MassageSports Massage, Soft Tissue Release, Soft Tissue Massage, Friction Massage, and Myofascial Release are all types of massage. In its earliest form, Physiotherapy was based purely on massage techniques. The principal aim of treatment through Sports Massage is to improve and maintain the underlying soft tissue or connective tissue quality. This ‘soft tissue’ includes muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. In this way, Sports Massage can enhance function, promotes the healing process, and maintain good quality connective tissue. As a result Sports Massage and other soft tissue based treatments form an important tool in the treatment and prevention of injury.


Sports Massage works by promoting blood flow, removing unwanted swelling and inflammation, increasing heat and therefore flexibility within a muscle, reducing the unwanted effects of injury by restoring normal function, and reducing pain by blocking pain signals.


Blood carries all the nutrients in the body and muscles need blood like a plant needs water. When an area is injured this blood flow can be restricted and injuries can take longer to go away. Injury also causes swelling and inflammation. With this comes pain and loss of movement that again limits the body’s ability to recover. Massage restores blood flow by ‘pushing’ blood into a muscle whilst reducing swelling by encouraging the body’s natural drainage system.


Increased pressure, blood flow and movement cause a muscle to heat, and reduce pain signals to the brain. Heat increases flexibility, which not only prepares a muscle for activity, but also helps it recover quicker from injury by restoring normal movement. As well as giving relief, reducing pain allows the body to regain function quicker.


After a muscle injury like a Hamstring Tear, the body lays down scar tissue in order to knit to two bits of muscle back together. This is true for any soft tissue injury such as ligament or tendon tear. This scar tissue is what is referred to as Muscle Knots or Trigger Points. Scar Tissue can overtime become shortened and contracted if left untreated. This can lead to long recovery times and is generally the reason some injuries get worse with time and not better. Sports Massage and other soft tissue treatments help to breakdown scar tissue helping muscles, tendons, and ligaments recover quicker and regain strength faster.


All of the Physiotherapists at Physio 1st are highly skilled soft tissue specialists. We have refined our skills by working with top athletes and through years of experience in Physiotherapy and injury management. The widespread benefits of Sports Massage make it an essential part to both injury recovery and injury prevention.