What is Rehabilitation?

RehabilitationRehabilitation is the process by which your body recovers its function following injury. It is a vital part to the injury process and can often be over looked or neglected. The treatment techniques we use are extremely effective at repairing injuries quickly and efficiently, but importantly the process of recovery doesn’t stop there. Muscles and Joints are always left weak following injury and need to be rebuilt if the body is to fully recover. From our perspective, the most hazardous time in the injury process is at 1 to 3 months after injury because although your pain may have settled, your muscles and joints have not fully strengthened. Most injuries that reoccur during this period do so because Rehabilitation process has not been completely finished.


Injury rehabilitation is not just about getting back into every day activities; it involves carful planning and guidance and should never be performed without supervision or instruction from a qualified Physiotherapist, or other suitably qualified medical practitioner. Fortunately our team of highly specialised Physiotherapists are well practiced at this and our well-equipped injury clinics are geared towards providing both sports specific and functional rehabilitation. Between us we have constructed a step-by-step rehabilitation process for each and every Orthopaedic and Sports Injury providing a detailed guide for recovery following injury.


Whether it is a shoulder injury or knee injury, back pain, neck pain, or a repetitive strain injury, we will have an exercise program to suit. By tailoring our exercise programs to the individual needs of our clients, we ensure our Rehabilitation is both functional and achievable.


During our time as Sports Physios, we would often need to rehabilitate our players to the very highest level. However, even the professionals have to start somewhere. As a result we have devised step-by-step rehab programs combining many different disciplines from Yoga, Pilates, postural exercises, strength, conditioning and functional exercises. We have also had much experience in dealing with the famed ACL or anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation.


All of our programs are published free of charge via our Youtube channel in the Knowledge section. Please be sure to consult one of our Physios before attempting to undertake any of the exercises shown.