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  1. What can I say Jonathan Durham of Physio 1st has made such a difference to my quality of life and ability to carry on excercising; He has treated me for both a chronic achillies tendon problem which has now been resolved and most recently an acute back problem. I went into the treatment room hardley able to stand straight and was back on the bike the next day. Fantastic service, really knowledgable, extremly professional all round. I cannot recommend more highly.

    • Thanks Karen, we will pass this on to Jonathan!

      Kieran @ Physio 1st

  2. I have been very impressed by Jonathan Durham in Reading. With a natural empathy he sorted my initial problem efficiently and effectively (calf muscle from running) and my underlying problems are now well in hand. He knows just how far to push with the exercises and gives excellent support. I don’t hesitate to recommend him. Thanks Jonathan!

    • Thanks Karen, we will pass this on to Jonathan!

      Kieran @ Physio 1st

  3. I have been receiving specialist Physio from Jonathan Durham in the Reading office and have to say I am so impressed with his knowledge, patience and expertise on my injuries. He has been very helpful to me in helping me recover and the exercises he recommended have definitely helped me.
    I saw him for 6 sessions over a period of a few months and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help.
    My injuries haven’t fully recovered and my right shoulder/neck are still in a little pain and he has put me forward for Accu Puncture which will hopefully help me but my fully recovery not happening contributes to other factors in my lifestyle like work station and posture.

    Thanks Jonathan. I ll def be back when I require some more physio.

  4. Dear Sir/Madam
    I would like to leave a feedback about the treatment of my injuries that took place in Solihull with Jonathan Price (Physiotherapist).
    Thank you for all your services from treatments to the valuable advices you given me over many weeks to help me recover from my injuries caused by a road traffic accident.
    Again, I greatly appreciate your care and the treatment technique applied during the physiotherapy sessions.

    Best Regards,

  5. I have received three sessions of physio from Nitin Gumber during the last 2 weeks and on all occasions I have found him to be very professional but more than that he knew exactly what was wrong and what was needed to help me. The manipulation he gave me was very beneficial and the exercise plan was perfect for me and after just 3 sessions my problem was vey much improved. I shall certainly contact him again should the need arise.

  6. I had been involved in a road traffic accident causing pain to my lower back and right side….with intrepidation i undertook various sessions of physio treatment under Nitin Gumber….needless to say i was in safe hands and the treatment was superb…i was advised to do various exercises in my own time and told the reasons for my initial pain.After 4 sessions,.i can now say i am physically active to a degree where i can go back to the gym and can carry on my manual duties at work..i would recommend physio 1st to anyone and i am very thankful for the treatment i recieved.
    Sean Doherty.

  7. Just a brief note to say thanks to physio1st and to Nitin who has helped me over the last month improve my whiplash symptoms after a car accident.
    Having received physio in a previous accident some years ago, it was pleasing to experience the advice and knowledge Nitin obtained which I hope should improve my physical condition in the near future.

    Rgds – Shal

  8. Had physiotherapy for 4 weeks with Nancy at Physio1st, i have to remark on the great physio treatment i received, all with a professional approach and a friendly service. A true professional. It looks like i am on my way to making a speedy recovery’….Thankyou Nancy!

  9. I’d just like to say thanks to Nitin Gumber for getting me back on my feet after my back went.All the exercises he has taught me will hopefully keep me free of pain for years to come.I would have no problem recommending anyone to receive treatment at Physio 1st

    Thankyou Nitin

  10. Just wanted to send a sincere thank you for the treatment I received following a recent car accident. I received months of physiotherapy that has significantly assisted my recovery. I was a very nervous patient and due to my mature age (nearly 70) I was initially reluctant to accept therapy but I was made to feel very comfortable. The advise I was given and the massages and exercises I was given were just amazing, I couldn’t have got through this trauma without your support. I am now on the road to recovery,

  11. I have just finished my physio treatment with Patricia McCarthy after an accident at work who has been excellent and helped speed up my recovery getting me back to work, great treatment and very friendly would recommend to others. Excellent Service

  12. Just finished a course of Physiotherapy with Nitin Gumber following a road traffic accident.
    Delighted with the proffesional service I recieved. Excellent treatment and very usefull exersizes which I will continue with, even now after the pain has gone.
    Would recomend Nitin to anybody who requires Physiotherapy.

  13. I have just finished a course of physio with Nancy Sharma after a car accident, the service and treatment were both excellent and I am feeling much better.

  14. I have just finished a course of physiotherapy following a road traffic accident and had a very painful neck and back. Nitin was very helpful, friendly and professional throughout. On my first appointment I was in a lot of pain and Nitin was very understanding and helpful, and he explained everything that needed explaining and gave me some exercised to do between appointments, making sure he could see that I was doing them properly first. I would recommend Physio 1st to anyone in need of treatment. I cannot fault the service.

  15. I have just completed Physio treatment with Nitin Gumber ,delighted with the service.Very professional would highly recommend Physio 1st and Nitin Gumber to all.

  16. My insurance company referred me to Physio 1st following a motorcycle accident. Nitin Gumber has been working with me for the last few weeks to relieve the acute pain and immobilisation I experienced in my neck, shoulders and wrist. Mr Gumber is an excellent Physiotherapist and was very professional, friendly and approachable throughout my treatment. The appointments were very flexible and were tailored around my availability. My pain is much better now thanks to the excellent support I received from Mr Gumber.

  17. I have just finished a course of physiotherapy with Trish McCarthy and wanted to thank her for all her help and support. The improvement to my neck and back has been amazing. Trish is always friendly and professional, explaining exactly what she is doing and why – highly recommended.

  18. Many thanks to Rebecca Nicholdon for the treatment and the amazing outcomes. Rebecca gets me back on my feet every time. Allows me to continue in my refereee career as well as my work and home life. Professional and effective

  19. My name is Marlon Lawrence, I started having deep tissue treatment at Physio 1st due to being involved in a car accident. The areas effected was my back, shoulders and neck. My injuries sustained had caused my employers to put me on light duties at work as my job role is I have to physically fit as I deal with prisoners on a daily basis. My injuries also caused me to take time out from my routine workouts at my local gym.

    When I first attended my first session at physio 1st I met Trish and Joe two wonderful physiotherapists. Trish and Joe were very polite and introduce themselves in a professional manner, explaining how the treat will work and how I’d make improvements to get back to feeling 100% comfortable within myself.

    In regards to Trish and Joe on how they are as two professionals should I need physio again I’ll definitely attend physio 1st at their Palmers Green location and will 100% recommend them both to anybody I know needing physio or even a simple massage. Not only do they deliver a great service also giving tips to carry out exercises whilst at home, they are both friendly and you can talk to them both on a good level of communication.

    Thank you both Trish and Joe, thank you for the treatments god bless you both.

  20. Just a quick message to express my thanks for treatment received following my car accident I am now well on the road to recovery so thanks once again to Emily Beckett who was amazing

  21. hi ya this is a msg for rebecca nicholson, i just like to say she is a really really good physio my back is alot better from before not 100% but alot better thanx to rebecca i think she is bonus to your company also she is friendly which is a bonus please pass this on to rebecca thank you

  22. I am not on facebook or anything like that, but I would like to let Physio 1st head office know how I have been treated by your physiotherapist Kieran McMahon, I have to admit that I was a bit nervous when I first saw him as he is most certainly build like I imagined a Sports Physio to look, and I felt sure that he would not be able to treat a female, but would be good with men, I know that’s a bit sexist but I am only saying what I thought. However he soon put me at my ease and explained why I was in such pain, and what he was going to do to make it easier for me. After the first session I thought was quite intents, but I felt something had definitely happened, and after the second session, I was able to lift my arm he then worked on my neck which again, what an improvement.

    I just need it on record that Kieran was very very professional and respectful to me at all times, he encouraged me to do the home exercises, and always praised me for doing them, and I have to admit that the whole combination of his intense treatment and my “doing the homework” has worked, I am moving around well and can lift my arm again, and my headaches have stopped. I can not thank Kieran enough and wanted him to have some sort or acknowledgement for the kindness and patience that he showed me, in getting me better. I will recommend Physio 1st to anyone who tells me that they have any sort of sports/accident injuries. I also purchased one of your red bands which I am continuing to use to help build up the muscles around my shoulder joint . Please make sure the Kieran knows how much he helped me. thank you again kindest regards
    Angela Mepham

  23. Just wanted to pass on my thanks to Antonetta Jeevananthan who I saw for physiotherapy sessions following a car accident. Her treatment has really made a difference to my back pain and she was very pleasant and helpful. Thanks. Brenda Knight

  24. I injured my back last year, I was prescribed 2 types of pain killers to help me sleep by my GP and given 2 crutches to help me just get to the toilet . I was told I would have to wait 8 weeks for the NHS physio treatment. I was laying on the bed for almost 2 weeks. I decided to seek private treatment. After my first session with Patricia McCarthy, I immediately felt so much lighter on my back, I could move my body without pain, I did not need the crutches when I went home and did not need pain killers from that night. I had a further 4 sessions with Patricia afterwards and took her advice about doing some excises. Now I am fully recovered.

    I injured my neck the following May and my first thought was call Patricia and make an appointment. I had 3 sessions with her and now I am fine.

    Her treatment was very effective and efficient. I am so lucky to have found her.

  25. After a car crash giving me a whiplash injury, l was referred to physio 1st and treated by Anna Makower. l found her to be such a pleasant friendly person, who was also very good at her job. l only needed a few sessions and am now fine, so my thanks and appreciation must go to Anna for all her hard work.

  26. I have just received a course of treatment from Tricia at Palmers Green, following a car accident where I was a passenger. I was suffering lower back and knee pain, which aggravated my arthritis. Tricia helped relieve the pain by seventy per cent, and has shown me how to help myself to ease my condition, and has given good advice, for which I am very grateful.

  27. I was involved in a car accident on the 15th March, and had to be referred to physiotherapy. i was very fortunate to be referred to Physio 1st, where my physiotherapist was Anna Makower in the Leicester branch. Anna was very polite and detailed with her examination as was expected of her. She showed outstanding professionalism in her duties. I therefore would like to thank and encourage her on a job well done and wishing her the best in future.


  28. I was referred to Physio 1st after a car crash which injured by back & neck. Anna my physio was very professional quickly able to explain the injury, and start weekly treatments. I was surprised how quickly the pain was dealt with which enabled me to get back to my day to day tasks. A big thank you to Physio 1st, and Anna.

  29. Patricia McCarthy immediately diagnosed the source of my back pain following her very thorough review and assessment of my condition. She then explained the root of the problem in a precise and comprehensive manner which was free of any confusing terminology. Her deep tissue massage then resolved and relieved the pain I had been suffering with for the past 16 years. She is an absolute gem and I can’t thank her enough. She is always so helpful to all the clients at the gym providing such useful advise and guidance. A true professional.
    Thank you so much.
    Susie Lee.

  30. A week before my first marathon, I had a problem with an extremely tight calf. I expected to struggle during the run, as this injury was hampering my training. But one session with Pete, and to my surprise and astonishment, I had no issues with the calf throughout the marathon, finishing with a better than expected time. So delighted with the treatment, and also impressed with the additional advice provided. Thanks, Pete!

  31. Following a spinal fusion of two of my lower vertebrae, I was fortunate enough to be recommended for physio with Jon at the Reading clinic. After a course of weekly treatment, I find that my mobility is greatly improved and I can swim and walk again, for long periods of time. Thanks to Jon and Rose who have seen me through this treatment. Glad I discovered Physio1st!

  32. Jon at Physio 1st (Reading) has been so helpful. I have been training for the Reading half marathon and developed hamstring and lower back problems. However with regular trigger point treatment, massage , stretching on my hamstrings and exercises I think this middle aged mother of five will make it round the course!!!!!
    Thanks SO much Jon!

  33. Kieran at physio 1st has really helped me after suffering whiplash in a car accident,
    i found him very approachable and easy to talk to, his explanations of my injuries were made easy to understand
    and the exercises he gave me to do are continuing to help my recovery’

  34. Hi Pete, just wanted to say thank you for getting me sorted out after my accident back in August. Thank you for referring me to Jon over at The Village,Shirley. When it happened my first thought was Physio1st, I couldn’t wait to get home.I knew you would sort me out quickly and you did!

    Jon has taken really good care of me, I have been treated with the utmost professionalism, care and kindness. I am fully recovered now and hope to stay out of trouble in the new year!

    Thank you also for keeping John and his back/neck in check.

  35. I have been seeing Pete at Physio1st over the past couple of months following a heel problem I picked up whilst playing football. For a number of years I have played football at a decent level and seen many different physiotherapists. None have been as professional nor has the treatment been as effective as the treatment I received from Pete at Physio 1st.
    Pete identified the problem quickly and gave me an accurate time frame as to when I could play again and what treatment would be required. My problem was effectively treated within 6 weeks and I have had no subsequent problems.
    I would have no problem recommending anyone to receive treatment at Physio 1st.

  36. Injury forced me to retire from professional football in 2000. I joined the West Midlands Police and continued to play semi professionally. It was then that I first visited Dan for a hamstring injury, having failed to cure the injury with my previous physiotherapist. I had heard about Dan through his connections with Birmingham City F.C.

    After various treatments and a structured rehabilitation programme he got me back to my sport. I have since been treated for hip, back and knee injuries and all have been treated successfully allowing me to continue to play sports and train hard! Dan is incredibly professional and excellent in his field. In 8 years as a client I have also developed a friendship as well as a professional relationship.

    I would happily recommend all of my friends to Dan and PHYSIO 1st!

  37. The treatments and recommendations provided have proved most helpful, and have returned my back to some semblance of its former self. The clinic was clean and warm, and to re-iterate; overall I have been very impressed with the service I have received.
    Thank you kindly for your time and efforts.

  38. I have had a runner’s knee Injury in the last few months due to training for the Birmingham half marathon. Since going to Peter at Physio 1st my problem was correctly diagnosed and resolved in just 4 sessions. A few selected and simple exercises were given to use between the sessions. Very friendly, professional and thoroughly recommended.

  39. My name is James and I have been attending Physio 1st for the past few months. This was due to a car crash, in which i injured my ribs, back and neck. Obviously this had caused me great discomfort in my day to day life. However, I had been directed to Physio 1st and was greeted upon arrival with an excellent team both friendly and approachable as well as professional and direct; caring not only for the job in hand but also for my comfort. It was with their expert help that, over the ensuing weeks, my pain had almost completely gone.

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