Training & Team-Building Day in Birmingham!

Apr 20, 2012
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The entire team of therapists descended upon our clinic in Bannatyne’s Health Club in Brindleyplace for a day of in-service training, before heading off to the Birmingham Wheels outdoor karting circuit for some light-hearted (and in some cases, very serious!) competitiveness….here’s what we got up to!

Training: Spinal Manipulations

The session was delivered by Alex Jones, and covered a variety of topics including the theory and science behind these techniques, as well as all the health & safety parameters that must be adhered to.


Upon this, the floor was then left for the therapists to practice both the assessment and treatment techniques upon each other, proving to be an invaluable experience for both old-timers and those new to the Physio 1st team.



Furthermore, this was the first time in which many of the therapists had been introduced to each other, so it was highly beneficial in bringing the team closer together, allowing some of the more senior members of the team to impart some advice and wisdom on to the recent additions!

Team-Building: Go-Karts!

Once training was complete, the team ventured across to the Birmingham Wheels outdoor karting circuit for an afternoon of fast & furious fun!



After being suited up (with some people looking more comfortable in the one-piece overall and helmet than others), we set about a few laps in order to adapt to the cars/track and – more importantly – to set a qualifying time for the half-hour grand prix.


Ready to race…

Physios in pursuit!

Once the positions had been settled and the countdown completed, the lights indicated the beginning of 30 minutes of barrier-hitting, corner-cutting, kart-spinning, high octane thrills. Some took the competition seriously, some just enjoyed the ride…and some were shocking. Needless to say, only one can become winner, and – much to the dismay of one company director – first place went to Joe Korge. The team then retired into Moseley for a meal and light refreshments before dispersing back home across the country.



A thoroughly enjoyable day for all, with the Physio 1st team looking forward to the next all-day training later this year; many thanks to Birmingham Wheels Grand Prix Karting for hosting us!